• Membership Benefits

    Come check out the amazing benefits of joinng the "Hoornstra Strong" team! Rates as low as $37.99 Per Month!

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  • Equipment

    See all of our specialty equipment available to our members. We have what's needed for all of your training needs in Powerlifting, Strongman, Olympic Lifting and Bodybuilding.

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  • Staff & Personal Trainers

    Come in and schedule a free appointment with one of our Personal trainers and get a personal tour of the facility from Jeremy Hoornstra.

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  • Meal and Fitness Plans

    Need a little help from an expert? Schedule an appointment with Jeremy to discuss fitness and meal plan options available.

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  • Competitions

    See our upcoming Strongman and Powerlifting competitions!

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  • Supplements & Merchandise

    We have a full line of MHP supplements, energy drinks, protein bars, ammonia inhalents as well as clothing swag!

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