• Monolift

    The monolift is a hydraulic-adjusted squat rack with auto-unracking abilities.  They allow the lifter to squat at all different heights, rack widths, and no-walkout squats. 

  • Reverse Hyper Machine

    Reverse Hyper decompresses the spine without enacting any vertical compression on it, allowing for dynamic strength development in the concentric phase.

  • Texas Specialty Bars

    The Texas Deadlift and other Specialty Bars are an iconic set of bars that’s been used by some of the world’s most elite lifters for decades.

  • Safety Squat Bars

    Safety Squat bars reduces the strain on your shoulders while providing a morestable High-Bar position while giving you improved confidence in your lift.

  • Belt Squat Machine

    The belt squat machine is a tool that allows the user to squat safely with the weight load being anchored to the hips as opposed to the top of the back. They are ideal if you want to limit stress on your upper body or back.   

  • Texas T-Bar Row Machine

    The T-bar row is a compound movement that uses a simple machine consisting of a platform to lean on as you straddle a bar fixed at one end. On the non-fixed end, a handle is attached that shoots off on either side, making it resemble the letter “T.”

  • Viking Press

    The Viking Press implement is a device that utilizes a leverage system. An athlete will grab either a straight bar or parallel handles that are attached at the end of either a lever system, or a landmine apparatus. This then extends down to the fulcrum or pivot point, which typically is situated at chest height or lower.

  • Atlas Stones

    Train with Atlas stones to get stronger, more explosive, and more powerful. . Their awkward shape and unusual center of gravity when lifted allows them to promote the need for strong stabilization and dynamic re-centering of an athlete's balance throughout the range of motion of an Atlas stone load.

  • Frame Carry

    Now a strongman competition staple, our Frame carry allows you to load your weight based on where you are at on your fitness journey. This Frame will allow for practice this safely at the gym.

  • Farmers Walk Handles

    The farmer’s walk, also called the farmer’s carry, is a strength and conditioning exercise in which you hold a heavy load in each hand while walking for a designated distance.

  • Yoke

    The yoke walk is a popular strongman event that has the athlete support a yoke, loaded with lots of weight, on his or her back, and then run with it for time. It’s incredibly simple to do but requires a lot of core strength, stability, and coordination.

  • SandBags and Kegs

    Can you build muscle with sandbags and kegs? Absolutely. These training tools target the muscles differently than traditional training equipment like dumbbells or barbells. That’s due to the dynamic resistance that they offer.

  • Axles

    Axles are thicker bars (2") that will help you improve your grip strength, hand strength and pulling strength and are also a staple in Strongman competitions.

  • Wagon Wheel Weights

    The Wagon Wheel Pulling Blocks are larger in diameter than your standard Bumper Plates allowing for partial range of motion deadlifts.

  • Tires

    We have tires randging from 200lbs to 1075 lbs available. When performed with the proper form, tire flipping gives your whole lower body a strong workout. That includes your back, hamstrings, and glutes.